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Noise Monitoring for Wind Farms

Noise Assessment for Wind Turbines ETSU-R-97

Noise from wind farms is assessed in accordance with ETSU-R-97 ‘The Assessment and Rating of Noise from Wind Farms’.
This document defines minimum day-time and night-time noise limits and describes an assessment methodology, which is based on the monitored background noise at the closest noise-sensitive receivers to the proposed, or existing wind farm.

As the noise generated by wind turbines depends on actual wind speed, it is necessary to monitor the background noise level at each potentially affected receiver. Wind data must also be available in order to undertake all necessary calculations.

Noise Monitoring Ltd. has successfully undertaken noise monitoring for a number of proposed wind turbine installations in Aberdeen, Suffolk and Sussex.

The methodology in each case initially involved the on-site installation of noise monitors and meteorological stations for a minimum period of two weeks, with live noise data and wind data accessible by our Clients.
Once all noise and wind data has been downloaded from our secure server, calculations have then been undertaken to assess the noise impact for various operational wind speeds of the turbines.
All findings were then compiled into noise impact assessment report in accordance with ETSU-R-97, leading to successful applications.


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