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Noise Monitoring Ltd.

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Our services

Provision and Installation of Noise and Vibration Monitoring Equipment

  • Initial, free consultation regarding the project’s requirements
  • We will choose the most optimised solution for any noise and vibration monitoring scenario (e.g. construction site, demolition site, outdoor or indoor operations)
  • We will visit the site, calibrate and deploy all necessary noise and vibration monitoring equipment, test all communications with our dedicated data server and ensure its smooth operation.
  • Set trigger levels and provide alerts via SMS/e-mail, when trigger levels are exceeded

Full Data Management

  • Generation of a dedicated website with secure, password-protected access through any web browser, including mobile devices
  • On-line, real-time data viewing with fully customisable noise and vibration statistical parameters
  • SMS/e-mail alerts, secure online access on customised website with user-selectable parameters

Data Reporting

  • All data can be downloaded in raw format from our data server
  • Noise and vibration impact assessment reports can be generated at the required frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)

Get In Touch

Please select a service from the list below. We aim to have a response dispatched from one of our consultants within 24 hours.

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