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Noise and Vibration monitoring for Construction and Demolition

Noise and vibration from demolition and construction sites can have significant effects on nearby receivers.

Why noise and vibration monitoring?

  • A common requirement by Local Authorities is that of monitoring noise and vibration during the demolition, or construction phase of a project. This is done in order to control the impact of noise and vibration to the local community.
  • This Local Authority requirement is usually a written condition at the planning stage of the project prior to the commencement of any site operations, and is targeted towards the control of noise and vibration, as per BS5228:2009, or in accordance with Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act, 1974.
  • In practice, this is translated into setting noise, or vibration limits at the closest noise-sensitive, or vibration-sensitive receivers, or at the site boundary. Noise monitoring is required to ensure that the demolition, or construction works do not overload the ambient noise profile of the area, while maintaining acceptable conditions at nearby noise-sensitive receivers.
  • Vibration monitoring ensures that vibration levels which could be dangerous to the structural integrity of adjacent buildings, are not exceeded. Moreover, the presence of vibration monitors safeguards the amenity of neighbouring occupants with regards to subjectively perceived vibration levels.
  • Noise Monitoring Ltd. has successfully undertaken a number of projects involving noise and vibration monitoring in demolition and construction sites, throughout London and the rest of the UK.

How is noise and vibration monitoring done?

  • The procedure involves the installation of noise monitors to assess noise levels generated by demolition and construction activities. This allows the comparison of all acquired noise data to each Local Authority's requirements and Good Practice Documents, such as BS5228.
  • Vibration monitors are also deployed on-site, acquiring vibration data with regards to on-site operations in order to ascertain that there will be no problems to the structural integrity of all neighbouring buildings.
  • As every project is unique, in each case there is liaison with the Contractors and the Local Authorities in order to establish pragmatic thresholds for noise and vibration levels generated by all demolition, or construction activities.
  • In each project, log-in credentials are issued by our team, therefore allowing all noise and vibration data to be instantly accessible by all interested parties, through our company’s secure data server. When noise, or vibration thresholds are exceeded, SMS/email alerts are sent to a number of designated receivers.
  • For information on how we could help with dust monitoring in parallel to noise and vibration monitoring, please contact us.

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