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Long-term, or Short-term Noise and Vibration Monitoring

We strongly believe that cutting edge technology is only useful when it is user-friendly and corresponds to pragmatic, everyday needs of people. That is why we have not limited ourselves to noise monitoring, or vibration monitoring for demolition sites, construction sites, or wind farms. Our engineers have designed a software-hardware platform which is simple, adaptable to any scenario where noise monitoring, or vibration monitoring may be required and, most of all, cost-effective.

The applications where Noise Monitoring Ltd. could assist with noise/vibration monitoring:

  • Roads (road-traffic, HGVs)
  • Oil and Gas Industrial Plants (oil drilling sites, oil refineries, gas processing factories, off-shore sites)
  • Railways (rail-traffic, high-speed railways, trams, underground train vibrations)
  • Outdoor Festivals and Concerts
  • Airports and Heliports (commercial, or private aviation sites)
  • Piling Rigs
  • Quarries (mining, excavation and blasting)
  • Motorsport Events (car, motorcycle, air, kart, boat, hovercraft, truck, or even lawn mower racing)
  • Outdoor Industrial Sites (e.g. recycling sites, waste sorting sites)

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